SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – More than five years have passed since the murder of Edgar Reyes and family members are still waiting for answers.

His body was found in Butterfield Canyon by a hiker, but how he got there is anyone’s guess.

Despite the lack of a suspect, the Salt Lake County sheriff Tuesday sounded optimistic that justice is near.

“We really believe we can get this case solved,” said Sheriff Rosie Rivera. “But that’s why we’re here today. And we need the public’s help.”

The sheriff along with Reyes’ two brothers appeared before reporters providing an update but also asking those who were there that day in Butterfield Canyon to give the family the answers they are seeking.

“It’s just sad,” said Edgar Reyes, one of the brothers. “It’s hard for us. Even after five-and-a-half years, going on six years now, he’s been taken away from us. It still hurts us.”

His body was found by a hiker. It was a grisly scene. Reyes’ body was wrapped in plastic.

“We were also notified that this was a very violent crime,” said the sheriff. “He was beaten viciously and we want to solve it for this family.”

Reyes’ pickup truck was found miles away in Riverton. Neither his family nor police know why it was there.

There’s a possibility several people were involved in the murder, based on the DNA they’ve collected.

“In this case, they were able to basically identify multiple possible suspects through DNA,” said Sheriff Rivera. “However, we don’t know who those suspects are.”

That’s because the sheriff said the DNA didn’t produce a hit on the FBI’s national data base called CODIS.

Reyes was the older brother of the two young men who appeared with the sheriff. Both called him a loving and caring brother and became emotional when they spoke of him.

“Sorry, still hurts to talk about it,” said Angel Reyes.

He was 17-years old when his brother was murdered. At times he broke down in tears and had a difficult time finishing his sentence.

“He was a great big brother,” he said. “Not just to me but to everybody. I just plead to everybody to send in tips on whatever you know that caused his death. Please come forward.”

Anyone with information is urged to call Unified Police. The cold case detective Ben Pender is also a detective for anyone wishing to provide information. He can be reached at 385-468-9816.