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Salt Lake City, Utah(ABC4 News) – Many people across the nation will be getting high, stoned, crunk, baked, faded, or blazed Saturday, April 20th.

It’s “420” and “burning trees” has become an annual ritual.

But, for five high school students at San Rafael High School, a quaint upscale town just north of San Francisco, it was a rite of passage.

Smoking recreational marijuana is now legal in nine states and in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.

But, back in 1971, the friends needed a secret code so they could talk about cannabis without their teachers and other adults knowing.

In passing during the school day, the five friends would say “420 Louis”, and meet at the statue of Louis Pasteur in front of the school at 4:20 pm.

Now, almost five decades later, what was once a secret code is a worldwide symbol thanks to the five friends, northern California teens, and San Francisco’s legendary rock group, the Grateful Dead.

Companies like Totino’s, the frozen pizza maker and the Vermont based ice cream company Ben and Jerry’s have embraced 420 as marijuana legalization grows across the country.

Last year, Totino’s released this comical commercial.

This year, Ben and Jerry’s has partnered with a San Francisco area cannabis retailer. Customers that place delivery orders will receive a free pint of Half-Baked ice cream on Friday and Saturday.

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