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The Graffiti Guys: How they erased 700 tags in six weeks

Local News

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) How big is the graffiti problem in the Salt Lake Valley? In a word, endless. However, in the past six weeks, the Unified Police Graffiti team has made a big dent in that problem. 

The graffiti guys are wiping out another eyesore on a fence in Millcreek. Ironically, their cleaning spray does a pretty good job cleaning off the spray paint. This job is just one of hundreds Paul Malouf and Jaren Payne tackled during the month of May. Malouf says their average “is anywhere from 450 up to 900 per month.” 

We caught up with the RAG or Residents Against Graffiti team back in April. In the six weeks between meetings – they have wiped away or painted over more than 720 graffiti tags. They keep track of many of their cover-up jobs by recording them and putting them online. Malouf says some days they find and wipe out as many as one hundred tags. “We find a trail of ’em and we just follow the trail.”  

It’s a dirty job – as you can see from their clothes – but they say they enjoy the search and destroy work. And Malouf says they feel like they’re sending a message to those who like to leave their ugly marks all over the valley.
“A lot of people, when they work, they want to do something that makes a small difference. That is something we can do every day to make the community look better.” 

The Unified Police RAG Team wants to know where the graffiti is so, if you know of an eyesore somewhere in the valley – you can let them know on their tip line or notify another agency depending on the location of the graffiti. 

If you find graffiti in public places please notify one of the following agencies for immediate free removal. This is the Unified Police RAG Team website:

Contact the city in which it was found:

Salt Lake City: 801-972-7885 or E-mail to
Salt Lake County Graffiti Hotline: 385-468-9769
West Valley: 801-963-3467
Sandy City: 801-561-6712

How to Report Graffiti Inside UPD Jurisdiction Call: 385.468.9769 Email:

How to Report Graffiti Outside of UPD Jurisdiction Salt Lake City Graffiti Program 801.972.7885

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