UTAH (ABC4) – Joe Garner has a podcast called “I Met My Murderer Online.” He said learning about this case… a man accused of trying to murder a woman he met on Tinder at a Bountiful park, doesn’t surprise him.

“By and large, there’s no background checks that accompany these dating apps, you’re rolling the dice,” said Garner. 

That’s why Rep. Angela Romero said she sponsored House Bill 352 in this year’s legislative session. The bill requires online dating services to have safety warnings and let users know if they do background checks, as well as investigate users who may be committing fraud… like catfishing. 

“They would be barred from using the website or the app and the people that had been in contact with them would be notified,” said Romero. 

The bill did not pass in the last legislative session.

Romero said she can’t say her bill would have prevented what happened Thursday night, but any measure you can take to protect others is a step in the right direction. 

Romero said she plans on bringing back the bill in the next legislative session. The representative pointed out that this bill isn’t about blaming victims, it’s about empowering people, so they know what their options are, and making it harder for criminals to hurt people who are just looking for a connection.