The dangers of making poor decisions behind the wheel

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“We’re doing this for you because we never want this to be your story.”

It’s a pain that runs deep for the Shaw family.

They lost their daughter Kathrynn Shaw back in 2017.

It was right before she was about to graduate from Maple Mountain High School in Spanish Fork.

“My daughter was a senior here two years ago,” said Devin Shaw. “Three days before her graduation she was killed in a car accident. The young man that was driving the car was impaired.”

In a way to help Kathrynn’s memory live on, the Shaws are now sharing their story with her former peers.

“We’re here to help bring awareness, and help kids as well as adults and families just to be safe,” said Mr. Shaw.

To show students what that looks like the Utah Highway Patrol staged a mock crash.

It included a mangled wreck between two vehicles, hurt passengers and first responders in-action.

A staged, however; a real-life scenario that often plays out after a car crash.

Mapleton HS students experience first responders in action after a staged horrific crash event. It was followed by a mock funeral for the notional crash victims where the Shaw Family spoke about the loss of their daughter 2 years ago near the school.

Seeing it first-hand is helping to drive home the awareness for students.

“You’re trying to go have fun, and now two of your best friends can be dead,” said Emma Taylor, a student participant. “It’s just kind of hitting pretty close to home.”

Taylor played the role of a student who was texting and driving and ends up crashing into another student driver who was under the influence.

“We’re trying to show the kids a big realm of things that can happen,” said Trooper Blake Bradford of the Utah Highway Patrol.

This is the fifth year the Utah Highway Patrol has organized this mock crash.

It picks a different high school every year.


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