TOOELE, Utah (ABC4) – A 19-year-old male is facing multiple charges after crashing into a Tooele lake during a pursuit on Sunday.

According to charges, a Tooele County sheriff clocked a white truck driving at a high rate of speed – 83 mph – on SR-36. When the officer initiated a traffic stop by getting behind the white truck and activating his emergency lights, the truck did not slow down. The officer explains he then activated his siren, but the teenager, Jose Garcia, sped up and began to change lanes and drive recklessly.

Garcia approached the 99 ramp onto I-80 too fast and crashed into the small lake off the highway, according to the officer.

According to charges, as the officer exited his vehicle, Garcia was attempting to flee by swimming to the other side of the lake. Charges state the officer was commanding Garcia to stop but he continued to swim away.

According to the officer, he ran to the other side of the lake and pulled out his on-duty firearm giving Garcia commands to not reach for anything. Charges say the officer asked if Garcia had any weapons on him and he responded with “I don’t know.”

According to police, when Garica exited the lake he was evaluated and was determined he needed to be transported to a local medical center.

After police towed the truck out of the small lake, officers found a glass pipe in the driver’s side visor used to smoke illegal narcotics, a bong, and a credit card that did not belong to Garcia. Officers were able to confirm Garcia’s identity after giving the wrong date of birth.

Garcia is currently being held in the Tooele County Jail.