WEBER COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A teenager who was originally charged with robbing and killing an Ogden grocery store clerk, has pleaded guilty to multiple felonies.

The now 16-year-old pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery and discharge of a firearm involving death. He avoided an additional charge of aggravated murder as part of a plea deal.

On Feb. 28 at around 11:50 p.m. on Sunday, the teenager entered the Super Grocery on N. Monroe Boulevard in Ogden. He had a short conversation with the store owner, Satnam Singh, and then shot and killed him moments later, investigators say.

The teenager then left the scene, running northwest out of the parking lot.

On Mar. 1, police released video footage of the teen, who was named a person of interest at the time, wearing a blue surgical mask, black gloves, a gray Raiders hoodie, and black sweats.

On Mar. 2, police had detained the teen and he was arrested in the murder of Singh on Mar. 4.

According to the probable cause statement, the teenager “acknowledged that he had smoked THC prior to the day of this event but that he stopped smoking so he could be sober for the robbery.”

In early September, court records showed the teenager entered a guilty plea to both charges in juvenile court. According to the Weber County Attorney’s office, “[The teenager] waived the preliminary hearing and certification in the Juvenile Court and was bound over to the district court as part of a negotiated resolution.  That resolution included that once in the District Court, the State would amend the Aggravated Murder charge to a Felony Discharge of a Firearm involving Death or Serious Bodily Injury, a 1st-degree felony, and he would plead to the amended count 1 and count 2 (Aggravated Robbery) as charged. Both charges are punishable by up to life in prison, however, they do offer an opportunity to be considered for parole at age 21.”

The teenager is scheduled to be sentenced on Nov. 23 at 9 a.m.