Teacher’s last minute decision could have saved lives at Copper Hills High

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WEST JORDAN (News4Utah) -Copper Hills High School was placed on lockdown Monday morning after a stolen truck crashed into the school’s football stadium.

Police say that a 17 year old male driver and a 16 year old female passenger were joyriding around West Jordan in a stolen pickup truck this morning, crashing into some landscaping boulders in a yard on Duck Ridge Way then at 9 a.m. showing up at the high school where the driver attempted to flee from an officer.

Copper Hills senior Taidenn Magera saw the pursuit.

“This truck comes out here haulin’ butt,” Magera told News4Utah. “It’s just driftin’ around the corner and then a cop came out chasin’ it and then it drifts around this corner right here. It hit the speed bump and it caught air and he like turned his wheel and drifted and rolled down this hill.”

The truck smashed through a chain-link fence surrounding the football stadium, went down an embankment and through a second fence onto the track surrounding the field. The driver and passenger ran but got caught about 50 yards away in the visiting team bleachers.

“It’s hard to emphasize exactly how dangerous this situation is,” West Jordan Police Sergeant Dan Roberts said. “You have two young people who are stealing a vehicle, getting in accidents and fleeing from the police through a crowded school area. Somebody very easily could have been seriously injured or killed. “

Stacy Kaminski teaches a Lifetime Fitness class and says her 40 students were supposed to be running on the track but she made a fateful last second decision.

“We were supposed to be out on the track doing our mile and I decided to stay in they gym for that period and do a worksheet instead,” Kaminski said. “It could have been very tragic. If we had our class, we have about 40 kids and they could have been, some of them could have been in that corner…Someone was looking down on my decisions today.”

The driver and the passenger could face a long list of charges in juvenile court.

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