TAYLORSVILLE, Utah (ABC4) – A Taylorsville man who allegedly fired a handgun into his apartment ceiling is facing charges in Utah’s Third District Court.

64-year-old Steven Matheney reportedly fired his handgun into the ceiling on Wednesday, Aug. 31. Police responded to the Salt Lake County apartment and spoke to Matheney, who had called 911 after the incident. 

Police say Matheney fell asleep with his loaded handgun next to him on the bed. When he woke up, Matheney allegedly thought the handgun was a flashlight, pointed it toward the ceiling, and pulled the trigger. Police reportedly asked Matheney why he pointed the gun toward the ceiling if he thought it was a handgun to which they say he replied “I don’t know.” 

Sergeant Bennett with the Taylorsville Police Department contacted Matheney’s upstairs neighbors and reportedly found they had not been injured by the gunfire. According to the police report, Bennett also found the bullet stopped “just shy” of penetrating through the carpet in their bedroom.

Matheney faces one third degree felony charge of discharge of a firearm in the direction of person.