SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Taco Bell has won its battle to “liberate” the Taco Tuesday term. Meaning anyone can use the term Taco Tuesday for the famous gastronomic weekday … unless you live in New Jersey.

The trademark for the term Taco Tuesday has been held by Wyoming-based fast food restaurant Taco John’s since 1989. John’s vehemently defended the right to use the phrase throughout the year, including going after small mom-and-pop taco shops using the phrase.

In 2019, basketball star LeBron James sought to trademark the popular term and was denied, bringing the plight in front of Taco Bell, who jumped on board to free the popular term.

Tuesday, Taco John’s finally relinquished their trademark and the term is open and available to all who want to use it – except for New Jersey where the term is trademarked by Gregory’s Restaurant and Bar in Somers Point. There is no information regarding Gregory’s intention to give up their trademark.

Taco Bell led the fight through consumer-based petitions and lawsuits and says they have no intention of trademarking the term themselves, rather they seem to have an altruistic approach to using the term.

“Liberating” Taco Tuesday means canceling the trademark registrations because Taco Tuesday is a common (generic) term,” reports the Bell on their website. “Once Taco Tuesday is “liberated,” no one restaurant will be able to claim they have exclusive rights to use it (especially not us). Taco Bell believes that “Taco Tuesday” should belong to all who make, sell, eat, and celebrate tacos.”

There are several restaurants that own the trademark outside of the US but for now, mark your calendars for regular “Taco Tuesday” without the fear of retribution.