Suspect Victor Gabino-Perez remains on the run

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – Samantha Medina didn’t remember how she landed in the hospital.
Her mother said her daughter escaped from Victor Gabino-Perez and was later found in a park.

Wednesday, Salt Lake City police said Medina was kidnapped by Gabino-Perez at gunpoint, even firing a shot at her.

But Medina’s mother said she was not wounded.   However, she said her daughter was severely beaten.

“He grabbed her by the hair, punched her in the face, threatened her with a taser and then actually took a shot at her and missed,” said Debi who didn’t want her last name released.  “And then he dragged her into the car.”

Wednesday, neighbors called 911 after hearing gunfire.  A swat team was called in and about two hours later broke into the apartment near 950 West and 800 South only to find it empty.

Police said Gabino-Perez fled in a Pontiac Gran-Am but Thursday said the car was recovered and they are unsure what if any vehicle he is now driving.

As for Medina, her mother said she was hospitalized and is recovering.

“She’s traumatized, but much better,” the said.

The mother also learned that Gabino-Perez was angry with her daughter.  Debi said Medina was trying to help his former girlfriend get out of a bad situation.

“He was stalking his girlfriend for three hours with my daughter in the car,” the mother said.  “When he found out (she was helping friend) he considered that a betrayal.”

According to the mother, Gabino-perez, kept a gun on her daughter as they looked for his former girlfriend.

“He wanted my daughter to go and stab her family to death and that if my daughter did not do it, he would stab my daughter to death,” the mother said.

But Medina managed to escape and was hospitalized.

“I know she had been punched in the face and head butted and there was some kind of struggle before she was able to get out of the vehicle,” the mother said.
As for Gabino-Perez, he remains on the run and police aren’t sure what if any car he’s now driving.  According to Medina’s mother he does have access to other vehicles including a white colored Ford Ranger pickup truck; a white Ford Explorer, 4-door and a green or gray Nissan sedan.

Police and Medina’s family want him off the street because Debi said he’s unpredictable.

“(He’s a) very dangerous person and I think he’s hair triggered dangerous,” said Debi.

Salt Lake City said Gabino-Perez is considered armed and dangerous and should not be confronted.   If there is a sighting, police urge to call their dispatch at 801-799-3000.

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