SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – On Friday, April 8, Salt Lake City Police responded to a theft reported at 2100 S. State st.

The caller said that they had been following a man who was opening packages that seemingly didn’t belong to him, and was using a scooter as a means of transportation.

They described the man as white with a tear drop tattoo on his face.

The responding officer located the man at 1300 S. Main St., who then fled on his scooter going westbound.

He reportedly did not stop when police pursued, but was easily tracked down and detained.

Court documents show that there were many pieces of property on the man, including an I.D. that did not belong to him, along with 10 checks, the largest amounting to $36,000.

Police contacted the check issuer who explained that his mail had been stolen from a drop box and that nobody should be in possession of it.

The owner of the I.D. was also contacted, who responded alike.

The arresting officer also found several used needles along with a pipe that had residue inside of it, according to the documents.

The suspect was booked into Salt Lake County Jail on the following charges:

  • Fail to stop at command of law enforcement
  • Falsify/Alter government records
  • Possession of another’s identifying documents
  • Theft by receiving stolen property
  • Use or Possession of drug paraphernalia