Survey conducted by Salt Lake County Mayor finds most people support a statewide fireworks ban

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SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 Utah)- According to a survey conducted by the office of Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams, most people are in favor of a statewide ban of fireworks.

Mayor McAdams posted the survey on July 7th.

“There have been a lot of questions raised about whether fireworks should be banned for safety reasons. I want to hear from county residents – to know what you think,” he said.

On Thursday the results were posted.

4,540 people responded. 3,0002 (66%) said they support the ban. Only 715 (15.75%) said they opposed it.

795 people voted “other” (17.51%) and 28 people said they didn’t know (.62%).

There were thousands of comments left by survey takers. Thousands of comments were left. It seemed many people supported the ban of aerial fireworks or liked the idea of having designated areas to set them off. 

One person said, “Cities should be able to do them the night of the holiday and that’s it. Residents should be able to do fireworks that don’t leave the ground and make very little noise and only on the night of the holiday.”

One of the opposers said , “I oppose, but would like to see the public educated about the dangers of not only illegal fireworks, but the discharge of legal fireworks in unsafe areas. I would think it would have to be aimed at the younger crowd who don’t have the life experiences to exercise any common sense.”

The common vote “I support allowing fireworks shows done by cities on the 4th and 24th. I don’t like individual fireworks but for many people these are traditions. I would not be opposed to allowing individual fireworks the 4th and 24th and then banning them on the other days. In years of extreme fire danger I support disallowing them in high risk areas for that year.”

There were many more comments. Click here to see the survey results and read the comments for yourself.

Remember there are currently firework restrictions in place. Here’s a list.

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