SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – It’s difficult to watch, but a neighbor’s surveillance video captures the moment an 8-year-old Salt Lake City boy was hit by a pick-up truck Thursday.

“It just really shocked me and it made me want to cry,” said Alana Reid, a neighbor.

Reid captured the entire crash on her surveillance video.

“When the neighbor called me that he’d gotten hit, he says can you look up on the camera and see if you have any video of it’,” said Reid.

What the video shows is the child seemingly stunned from the impact immediately gets back up after being knocked to the ground by the vehicle and runs away.

“I think he didn’t even realize he’d been hit the way he got up and moved,” said Reid.

The video shows, the driver does get out and appears to talk to the boy, but later leaves.

Salt Lake City police say the driver has since turned himself in.

Reid, a school crossing guard, has this advice for drivers.

“Please go slow especially in the neighborhoods especially at school crossings. You could hit a child and how would that make you feel? I mean really come on! Let’s slow down in neighborhoods, in school crossings.”