Support group for birth mothers

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MURRAY (News4Utah) – Lynea Krukiewicz placed her daughter up for adoption 27 years ago. Her experience convinced her that birth mothers don’t have enough support and she decided to do something about it. 

After struggling for years with postpartum depression then PTSD from her reunification process, Krukiewicz realized she wasn’t alone, and started the non-profit organization Life After Placement.

She explained, “L.A.P is a support group for birth mothers but we also handle reunification counseling, post placement care, anything after placement.”

The group meets monthly in person and online and has members all over the country. They enjoy support from each other, but there are also volunteer therapists and counselors available at all times. Krukiewicz works as an advocate for birth mothers through the Utah Adoption Council. She encourages agencies and adoption partners to provide more effective counseling before, during and after adoption. 

Life After Placement is working toward raising money to expand the mental health treatment they are able to provide.  If you would like to donate or know someone who would benefit from L.A.P., visit their website

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