Summit County: Rich in history and outdoor fun

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SUMMIT COUNTY (News4Utah) – As we continue the Good4Utah Road Tour at the Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail, we learn it doesn’t matter if it’s a bike, car, raft or run that gets you to Summit County. It’s a place rich with history and outdoor fun.

Summit County gives you access to the Weber River, it’s the greatest introduction to class 2 whitewater and something everyone in the family can enjoy.

“It was fantastic, it wasn’t too hard for the kids. They loved it.”

It’s not hard to do in Summit County. A paddle party awaits you and your family on the Weber River.

 “It’s the best whitewater we have in close proximity to Salt Lake and Park City. It’s class 2, it’s got some fun splashy waves. Some good drops. It keeps you wet and cooled off and it has beautiful scenery as well,” said Spencer Byrne, All Seasons Adventure owner.

In total, the Weber River is 125 miles long and All Seasons Adventure guides you down an 8 and half mile stretch with natural beauty lining the water’s edge and red rocks painting the background. It’s hard not enjoy it.

The river is named for American fur trapper John Henry Weber and if history is what you seek, Summit County has a free flow of information in two different local museums.

 “It’s great there’s a lot of stuff to keep kids occupied and there’s a lot of things to see and do, it’s good for family,” said Nick Hudson, visitor.

The Summit County Historical Museum preserves the area’s rich and diverse heritage.

An old filing cabinet has family names and info to pour through. And each room showcases pieces of American history, from industry and agriculture to drug stores and wardrobe.

Down the road, the Park City Museum digs into the region’s mining industry, curves through the evolution of skiing and shows off that famous Park City Jail.

 “We work really hard to make the museum interactive and fun and have a wow factor. It’s important kids understand our history and connect to our community and why our town is here,” Sandra Morrison, Executive Director of Park City Museum.

Don’t leave your family locked up all summer, a history lesson and outdoor adventure are waiting for you in Summit County. Once you do it, you’ll be wanting more.

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