MIDVALE, Utah (ABC4) — Local school districts are seeing an increase in attendance in their summer school programs.

Administrators said it’s because some students may have fallen behind during covid.

Canyons School District introduced a new program to help its students.

They call it the summer boost program, and it with the other summer enrichment programs includes more than 1,0000 students.

Parents told ABC4 they’d rather take their kids to the summer boost program than daycare.

“What we realized is that last year was a hard year, so beginning of March 2020 there was some lost learning that happened, and we know that through no fault of our students, through no fault of our teachers, we realize that there were some gaps in student learning,” said Canyons School District Summer Boost Program Administrator Aimee Wagner.

The summer boost program is free, which means free education, food, and transportation.

“What we want to do always at Canyons is make sure that we are getting kids, college and career ready and that we are sending off good citizens into the world,” said Wagner

That’s why Stuart McDonald said he prefers the summer boost program over daycare.

“Daycare he just goes, he just plays and at school he would learn something you know,” said McDonald. “That’s what I like the most.”

Literacy and math are taught in the program.

It’s Monday through Thursday for the next three weeks from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Wagner said the students have really hung tough during the last year.

“I think there’s a lot of tough,” said Wagner. “I think that for students and for young children the unknown is hard so they are resilient and they are wonderful and we love them.”

Altara, Crescent, Midvalley Elementary Schools, and Indian Hills Middle School all offer this program.

All six high schools also offer a summer enrichment program.