SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Salt Lake City schools are the latest to fall victim to a “destructive” TikTok challenge. The same challenge already prompted another Utah school to charge students to enter football games for the first time.

The challenge is known as the “devious licks” trend. It leads students to steal items from their schools, or, in some cases, literally ripping off fixtures of their school’s bathrooms, according to educators in numerous districts. Videos later posted by some of the students show them removing the ill-gotten goods from their backpacks, bragging about the “devious licks,” or thefts, they were able to get away with.

In mid-September, TikTok began removing videos showing students bragging about their “devious licks.” The platform began redirecting any users trying to interact with related content to the Community Guidelines.

Vandalism at Murray High School prompted officials to charge students to attend the school’s football games. The school shared the following statement with ABC4:

These devious actions have continued to escalate and are costing untold sums in material and time-expensed repairs. As stewards of tax-payer funding, and at a time when resources are limited and academic needs great, it is our duty to be responsive to this senseless waste of money.

Further, it’s important that we communicate tandem messages of zero tolerance for criminal behavior and respect for property and each other.

We plead with our valued partners in the media to help spread this message to parents and students that vandalism, theft, and other mischief in public schools is unacceptable conduct that must be addressed.

On Thursday, Salt Lake City School District says they have not been exempt from the TikTok trend. School officials say the bathrooms have been damaged as part of the challenge, adding “the result was costly for the district and ultimately taxpayers like you.” The City of Layton has also experienced vandalism.

WATCH: Layton falls victim to damaging TikTok challenge

“It is reported that these challenges include smacking a teacher or school staff member, destroying school signs, causing disruption to cafeterias, and other disruptive and destructive behavior,” the district says. “Parents, please speak with your child(ren) about these actions and their potential harm. Students who are found participating in activities such as the ones mentioned above will face discipline, including possible suspension up to expulsion from school. Police will be involved and criminal charges will be filed if warranted. Reparations for any damage may be required. We ask that you help your child(ren) understand that their actions now can impact their future.”