Student pilot makes emergency landing on I-15 in Riverdale

Local News

RIVERDALE,Utah (News4Utah) – A 19-year-old female pilot crash landed a plane onto the freeway near Riverdale Saturday morning, hitting one car in the process.  

According to Utah Highway Patrol, the incident happened about 8:15 a.m. in the southbound lanes of Interstate 15 just south of Ogden. The plane hit one vehicle as it landed upright in the two far right lanes. 

A representative from the Axiom Aviation Flight instructor school told News4Utah the pilot was practicing take-off and landings from their school in Ogden with an instructor. 

“The 19-year-old female decided to make an emergency landing on the Interstate. She actually flew underneath the railroad structure there and while doing so she struck a Toyota Camry that had four occupants in it,” said Sgt. John Ely with Utah Highway Patrol. “When the airplane hit the top of it it blew out the windows in the car.”

The pilot explained to the air traffic controller the aircraft lost power after takeoff. 

“After takeoff we were not climbing and we started to descend and so um, we did emergency gear down and hit the runway, uh not the runway but hit the road,” said the pilot. 

There were no reported injuries. 

 “Luckily it’s the time of day when there wasn’t a lot of traffic and so basically it’s the only place she could have landed at the time so she made a good decision,” said Sgt. Ely. 

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