PARK CITY (ABC4 News) – One Park City student was hospitalized after an incident involving a vape pen on Friday.

A 9th grade Treasure Mountain Junior High student was transported to the hospital after school administrators said they smoked THC from a vape pen and suffered a “medical incident.”

The 9th-grade student who provided THC was referred to the police and after being interviewed, the student was referred to Juvenile Court. 

“The safety of our students is paramount at all times, and we realize students are concerned for their peer,” read a letter sent to Treasure Mountain parents. 

School officials said counselors will be available Monday for any necessary support for students upset by the incident.

The Park City School District and Park City Police Department issued a joint statement asking parents to work with them to “ensure safe and drug-free schools remain the norm.” 

The district said since the start of the school year, the staff has confiscated drug paraphernalia in a variety of vaping devices. 

“Our students have a right to expect a safe and drug-free learning environment. Prevention education, disciplinary consequences, and appropriate interventions and supports are provided to students who are found to have brought e-cigarettes, tobacco, or any drug or look-alike substance to schools,” said Park City School District Superintendent Jill Gildea. 

Park City police encourage parents to check their students’ backpacks, bedrooms, and cars for drug and vaping paraphernalia. 

“We cannot deal with the issue alone. We need to enlist the help of parents and peers,” said Park City Police Chief Wade Carpenter. 

Parents who need additional resources related to substance abuse should contact the Summit County Health Department