SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) – A gun scare at West High School was quickly and safely resolved Thursday morning thanks to an alert student.

According to the Salt Lake City Police Department that student tipped off a teacher who told school resource officer about the student with the gun and they were quickly taken into custody.

Salt Lake City School District Spokesperson Yandary Chatwin explained the incident to News4Utah.

“This morning a 9th grade student showed up at school with a 9 millimeter handgun in his waistband and the student was a young man,” Chatwin said. “A fellow student noticed that there was something amiss.”

The school resource officers were cautious not to alarm any other students by approaching him in class.

“They waited until the class change,” Chatwin said. “So the bell rang and they knew the student’s schedule so they waited for him outside his next classroom and very smoothly, very discreetly just pulled him aside and said ‘Hey we need to talk to you for a minute and were able to walk with him to the office.”

Fortunately no shots were fired. Things could have been much different had that classmate not said something.

“The biggest takeaway from this is the student who tipped off the teacher,” Chatwin said. “That’s what really made a difference today. When the student with the handgun was questioned, it appeared that he was holding it for someone else and there wasn’t any immediate plan to harm anybody at West but you just never know.”   

Salt Lake City Police say that student was booked into juvenile detention on a weapons possession charge.