SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – According to officials, violent crime within Salt Lake City has been noticeably lowered, especially in three “focus areas” identified by the Salt Lake City Police Department (SLCPD). 

It’s part of an ongoing approach police have dubbed “Stratified Policing.” SLCPD says the aim of the approach is to proactively reduce crime through crime analysts. Analysts reportedly identify areas within Salt Lake City that have higher rates of crime and designate them as “focus areas.” 

Once a focus area is identified SLCPD Division Commanders are then responsible for coordinating problem-solving, place-based, offender-based, and community-oriented approaches within their focus areas to reduce crime.

As time goes on, focus areas will be reevaluated. From there, officials say the crime analysts will revisit crime statistics in the area and determine if a highlighted area needs to continue to operate as a focus area or if the SLCPD should focus efforts and resources in another part of the city.

In a recent report from the SLCPD, Stratified Policing has been working thus far.

All three of the SLCPD patrol divisions have an identified focus area. The Pioneer Patrol Division runs just west of I-15 from 200 North to South Temple and 700 West to 1000 West. The Central Patrol Division operates in the heart of downtown between 200 South to 400 South and between 200 West to South State Street. Finally, The Liberty Patrol Division focuses efforts in the ballpark area, from 1300 South to 1500 South and 200 West to South State Street. 

After evaluating statistics for the month of August, reports have shown that violent crime has dropped significantly within the three focus areas. The Central Patrol Division saw a 28% decrease in violent crimes in August 2022 when compared to August 2021. The Pioneer Patrol Division and Liberty Patrol Divisions similarly saw 33% and 71% decreases, respectively. 

So how exactly are police units proactively reducing crime in these areas? 

According to the SLCPD, three things are needed for a crime to occur. 

  1. A motivated offender.
  2. A victim/target.
  3. A place where offenders and victim/targets interact.

“Systematically removing one of these three elements through intention police strategies can prevent multiple crimes in the long term,” the SLCPD said in the report.

In Aug., 2022 the Pioneer Division Commander proactively reduced crime by working with SLCPD Special Investigations, Pioneer Bike Squad, and the SLCPD Gang Unit, and helped implement regular street cleaning by working alongside the city.

The Central Division Commander assigned two officers to conduct daily, weekday foot patrols along South Main Street near 300 South and regularly meets with community leaders and business leaders to address concerns.

The Liberty Division District Commander worked with the Liberty Bike Squad to make focused arrests on violent offenders and worked with the Liberty Division District Community Liason Officer to obtain and post “No Trespassing” signs at properties requesting assistance.  

Each approach was found to best suit its focus area and has been credited for reducing the rates of violent crime in the areas.

“The Salt Lake City Police Department is committed to a police-led, community-wide response to reducing violence, arresting and prosecuting violent offenders,” said the SLCPD.