SOUTH JORDAN, Utah. (ABC4) – We are learning new information on the man who allegedly killed Masako Kenley.

As we previously reported, police said the suspect, 75-year old William O’Reilly, lives in South Jordan.

ABC4 went to O’Reilly’s neighborhood to get a better sense of who he was, but nobody answered.

However, several community members told ABC4 he was a very private guy and did not mingle a lot with the neighborhood.

Most of them said they never thought O’Reilly was capable of what he is being accused of.

There was one woman who said she talked to O’Reilly once face-to-face about three years ago.

Annette Tucker-Matkin has lived in the same South Jordan neighborhood for more than 20 years, the same as O’Reilly, and said he has lived there for about five to six years.

She said he would always take walks up and down the street.

That’s the only time she ever saw him.

Other community members told ABC4 O’Reilly was never involved in neighborhood activities, except for a block party about three years ago.

That block party was the one where Tucker-Matkin talked to him.

She said he wasn’t like her other neighbors.

“They stayed to themselves and all they do is walk,” said Tucker-Matkin. “You don’t see them in the community. You don’t see them at the church. They just stay to themselves.”

Many community members said they do not want to let this incident define the neighborhood.

We asked Tucker-Matkin initially what neighbors thought of this when they first heard the news. 

“Oh, they are shocked,” said Tucker-Matkin. “They are stunned and they can’t believe somebody on the street could do that because it just doesn’t happen out here.”

Other neighbors we spoke to said they never saw O’Reilly leave his house, calling him a recluse.

Again, O’Reilly is currently in the Salt Lake County Jail pending a few charges, including aggravated murder.