State says 97 percent of Utahns don’t have the correct flood insurance

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Good news Utah, our snow pack and water levels look great. Bad news, with all the wet weather we have been experiencing state officials are asking folks to get flood insurance.

Brian McInerney, a National Weather Service Hydrologist says, “We also have potential damage to high flows this spring if we have continued storminess all the way through.”

Emergency Management Officials say 70 percent of Utah’s recent floods recently happened outside of the designated flood zones. 

“It is up to the homeowner to take care of themselves and take care of their homes,” says Kathy Holder the State Floodplain Manager.

Utah officials say 97 percent of Utahns don’t have proper flood coverage. 

“I go out to all of these flood disasters and it just breaks my heart to know that people won’t recover easily from that,” says Holder. 

Emergency Management officials say homeowners and renters insurance only covers pipe that breaks inside your home.

They say most insurance coverage won’t cover flooding caused by storms, melting snow, or backup from overloaded drainage systems and broken water mains.

“Someone can get a policy for say like $40,000 if they are just worried about the basement or something and that maybe like $90 a year,” she adds.

State officials say don’t plan on the government or FEMA to bail out if a flood happens near you. FEMA may only give you $5,000 in the event of a disaster. 

State officials say that one inch of water can cause up to $26,000 in damage and that is why they are pushing for Utahns to get flood insurance. 

If you get flood insurance the state says plan for it to take effect in 30-days. 

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