RIVERTON, Utah (News4Utah) An all-star high-school football player passes on a college recruitment opportunity to take his number one fan to her homecoming dance. 

As a senior for Lone Peak High School, Masen Wake shines as a star running back on Friday nights. His loudest cheerleader is Riverton Sophomore Kailey Hart.

“She’s the typical teenager and she’s got crushes and she thinks Masen is the cutest boy out there,” Stewart Hart said, Kailey’s dad.

Because their fathers are friends, Kailey makes to every game.

Born at just 29 weeks and about two pounds, Kailey suffers from cerebral palsy. It doesn’t stop her. Her family said she’s a social butterfly who loves music and dancing. She’s always down for a good time. 

That’s why Masen was on her porch Thursday night asking her to her first dance. 

“I was wondering if you wanted to go to homecoming with me at Riverton High School,” Mason asked while News4Utah cameras rolled.

“We hope she can go and experience like any other kid and have a good time,” Stacie Hart said, Kailey’s mom.

If Masen hadn’t asked, they’d probably have gone together anyway, according to Kailey’s parents.

“She is very persistent and she probably would have made us go and ask him out,” Stewart said laughing.

“It just made me feel awesome seeing her face and how excited she is,” Mason said.

What Kailey doesn’t know is that Masen canceled plans this weekend: a recruitment opportunity that could land him a scholarship to play college ball. He said taking Kailey to homecoming is bigger than football. 

“I just feel like you can cherish these memories forever. You don’t get to do this every day. I think it is going to be more of a thrill for me than her. It’s going to be awesome,” Masen said. 

Kailey plans to cheer Mason on during the Lone Peak/Bingham game Friday night.