EDITOR’S NOTE: We previously reported that there were allegations of sexual harassment against Scott Miller. Mr. Miller was not accused of sexual harassment. We apologize to Mr. Miller for the error.

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Salt Lake County GOP Chairman Scott Miller has resigned after several Republican women accused his Communications Director David Robinson of “foul actions.” 

Miller revealed this in a letter he sent Friday to Salt Lake County and Utah Republicans. 

It can be found below:

ABC4 obtained the letter where Miller said these are, “salacious allegations” and he “will not be canceled”.

Right now, all parties have released some sort of statement regarding the allegations. 

Miller and Robinson did not respond to emails or calls from ABC4. 

Two of the accusers told ABC4 the alleged behavior goes back several months. They said they are trying to silence a bully and silence the man enabling the bully.

“I believe firmly that bullies need to be called out and when we don’t call them out, we give them opportunities to harm others,” said Salt Lake County Councilwoman Aimee Winder-Newton. 

Gov. Spencer Cox and his team have condemned both the letter itself and any alleged sexual allegations against Robinson. 

Cox released a statement regarding what Miller said in his Friday letter.

“We are deeply offended by the recent reprehensible communications to the Salt Lake County Delegates,” said Cox.

“But it wasn’t just sexual harassment,” said Erin Preston. “It was retaliation when you wouldn’t play along, it was withholding resources, it was putting out statements that weren’t ours that we didn’t approve. It was things like that.”

The accusers, including Erin Preston, are all Republican women. Preston and Winder-Newton said they faced sexual harassment from Robinson since September and tried to come forward, but it was never dealt with. 

“It’s hard enough to run for office as a woman candidate, but when you have people who are holding you, hostage, on your campaign and not letting you move forward or who are saying inappropriate things to you and using positions of power to threaten and manipulate, that’s bullying,” said Winder-Newton.

Winder-Newton said many of the accusers found comfort in discussing this with her since she is a Republican on the Salt Lake County Council.

Utah Republican Party Chairman Derek Brown called the allegations, “appalling.” 

Preston said Robinson and Miller need to step down.

“I don’t want to be considered a victim in this,” said Preston. “I want to be considered as someone who stood up when a bully was enabled to continue.”

ABC4 reached out to Miller and Robinson to let them know we are talking to some of the accusers. 

As of now, Miller said in a letter he would like to implement a new harassment policy starting Tuesday.

He said he’ll do this if Gov. Cox reviews the language and provides comments.

All statements and letters can be found down below: