Springville Police Department warns of dangers of ‘puppy mills’

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SPRINGVILLE, Utah (ABC4) – The Springville Police Department took to social media to warn the public about the dangers of “puppy mills.”

According to a post on the department’s Facebook page, there have been multiple cases involving people buying sick puppies from online advertisements that are later dying.

“In most cases, the buyers are meeting a third-party seller in a parking lot to exchange cash for the puppy,” the department explains.

These puppies end up being barely weaned, too young to be sold, inbred, or have other illnesses, according to the department.

If you are looking to buy a puppy, here is what department officials recommend that you do your own research and educate yourself as well as trying to adopt from a shelter.

The post also advises to buy from a reputable breeder.

Springville police says reputable breeders will do the following:

-Most breeders will allow you to come to their home

-Breeders will allow you to meet the parents and see the litter

-Breeders will have paperwork, AKC papers, and vaccination records

Here is what officials say you should avoid doing when purchasing a puppy:

-Avoid ads that show only one puppy

-Avoid sellers that will only meet you in a parking lot

-Avoid sellers that tell you they are selling the puppy for a “friend’ or “partner.” (thrid-party sellers)-Avoid sellers that can’t give you specific information about the puppy.

-Avoid sellers that do NOT give you a receipt of purchase.

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