Spike in spiders? Yep — and warm weather is the cause

Local News

RIVERTON, Utah (News4Utah) – A mild winter, followed by a hot and dry summer, has created an issue for homeowners.

More spiders.

It’s been a busy summer at Tanner Pest Control.

“Because of the lack of winter, it’s just extended their season,” said Steve Tanner with Tanner Pest Control.

“Spiders will typically hibernate during the wintertime — they’ll shut down just like a bear does,” added Tanner.

But this last winter was mild.

“We saw spiders active all winter,” said Tanner.

“We’ve had a prolonged season of black widows, specifically,” added Tanner.

He says it’s not just spiders — but all kinds of bugs and insects.

“Spiders, wasps, yellow jackets have been very prevalent this year–we’ve just had a lot of call-ins this year for all different kinds of bugs,” said Tanner.

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