Spanish Fork teen arrested for making a terroristic threat

Local News

SPRINGVILLE, Utah (ABC4 News) – A Spanish Fork 17-year-old is in custody at a juvenile detention center awaiting a court appearance because police said he threatened to bomb the Springville Police Station.

Springville Police say the terroristic threat was posted on the app Snap Chat.

It shows the police department in the background and it states, ‘Blank the system’, shows two toy guns, and ‘finna bomb this place,’ followed by an angry emoji.

Chief Craig Martinez said, “It’s a felony. This is serious business. Especially in today’s world that we live in.”

The Springville Police Chief told ABC4 News they were tipped off by the Spanish Fork Police Department about the social media post.

“The way social media works now it’s pretty easy to discover and for us to find out who the actual suspect is,” he says.

Detectives found out the teen was in court that morning and didn’t like his judgment, so they believe he tried to take it out on Springville police.

“As soon as we found out about the video two of our detectives went to the school and arrested the 17-year-old suspect,” said Chief Martinez.

The chief hopes parents will talk to their kids and teenagers about the difference in freedom of speech and making a terroristic threat.

“Even though it’s a joke and you may think it is funny, it’s not,” he said. “Any threat like this, you don’t necessarily have to show a force of action, any threat like this we are going to take seriously and it’s going to get you in some trouble.”


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