SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC4) – Off-duty police officers reportedly rescued a person who was struggling to swim to shore after their kayak capsized.

The South Salt Lake Police Department (SSLPD) reports that several off-duty Homeless Resource Officers were wakeboarding at Jordanelle Reservoir when they observed a capsized fishing kayak.

An individual was attempting to swim to shore, but bobbing in the water “very far away from shore,” police say.

Officers moved closer and found the man struggling to keep his head above water. He had allegedly experienced a medical emergency, and was confused and unable to retrieve a life jacket that officers had thrown to him.

Officers then had to retrieve the man, who was having a diabetic emergency, and pull him to safety.

After the man was evaluated, police say that officers went into the water, flipped the capsized kayak, and obtained a first aid kit that had “vital emergency diabetic supplies.”

“Due to the officers’ awareness and quick action, they were able to save an individual from drowning,” a post from SSLPD states.

After the incident, the man reportedly came to the department to thank the officers for saving his life.