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SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC4) – Officials are warning residents of South Salt Lake that an increase in levels of manganese has been discovered in the drinking water system, Friday.

According to City officials, there are no federal public health regulations for manganese in drinking water. This notice is being sent because the measured concentration of manganese is above the EPA’s Health Advisory Level.

“Manganese is a naturally occurring element. It is found in many foods and is considered an essential nutrient for humans and animals because our bodies require it to function properly. Elevated manganese levels WILL NOT cause negative health effects for most people, but can be harmful to infants under six months of age,” they share.

Officials say it is recommended to avoid using tap water to prepare bottles or food for infants under six months of age until it is confirmed that manganese has been reduced to the advised level.

“Additionally, the elderly, and those with liver disease should not use tap water to prepare food. Of note, brown discoloration in our water is caused by high iron content, not manganese. High iron content does not cause adverse health impacts,” they add.

For those residing between 2100 and 330 South and house either an infant under 6 months of age, occupants with liver disease, or elderly occupants, bottled water is available at Fire Station 41, located at 2600 South Main Street.

According to officials, families will be given one case per household.

“Lab results tested on July 1 have already shown a significant decrease in the level of detected manganese. The highest level of manganese samples taken on July 1, 2021 was .8. Ongoing testing will continue and be made available to the public until the .3 advisory level is reached,” they add.

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