SOUTH JORDAN, Utah (ABC4) – A woman suspected of kidnapping four girls from South Jordan on Sunday has been charged with four counts of child kidnapping.

The suspect is 39-year-old Allison Brimhall.

The four girls were identified as a 12-year old, an 11-year-old, and two 9-year-olds. They were found safe in California. Brimhall is the mother of the children, according to police.

Back in June 2021, the Division of Child and Family Services took the children and placed them in temporary custody with their father. Brimhall is not allowed to see the children without supervision.

According to court documents, Brimhall has made dangerous comments in the past saying, “If I can’t have my girls, I will drive off a cliff with them in the car.”

Authorities say the kidnapping first happened when the four girls were watching television in the father’s living room. There was a knock on the door, but the father says he didn’t hear it. When he entered the living room to check on the girls, they were gone. The father says he only saw footprints in the snow heading away from the house and suspected Brimhall had taken them to California, court documents show.

Brimhall was already in San Diego driving a rental car when the AMBER Alert was first issued on Sunday. The four girls were found safe in California.

Brimhall is facing four first-degree felony charges of child kidnapping.