South Jordan residents fight to save Glenmoor Golf Course

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SOUTH JORDAN (News4Utah) – The fate of a popular golf course is up in the air and a group of concerned residents are doing everything they can to save it.

Glenmoor Golf Course has been here in South Jordan for 50 years but if it is sold to developers, all of this could become high density housing, condos and apartments.

Over the years the 135 acre course has challenged thousands of golfers, including some famous faces, according to Glenmoor area resident Kathy DeWitt.

“President Ford came out and played golf on this golf course,” DeWitt told News4Utah. “And also I have heard that Willie Nelson also played here.”    

Because of a lawsuit between the owners, a judge has ordered the sale of the course. The city could issue a bond to buy and save it – or it could be sold to developers who would replace the fairways and greens with houses and apartments and Glenmoor would be no more.

“To quite a few of us here who live here and do not golf, we still would like to see it saved. This is our home,” resident Cheryl Hansen said. “Should there be a housing development come in, it would be disasterous. We don’t have the infrastucture to handle any more buildings than what we have right now.”

“It would be devastating to this community because homes would have to go to widen the streets,” resident Ginger Thompson said. “Schools are already overcrowded.”

Denise Larson, the Women’s Golf Coach at Westminster College says the course’s youth programs teach the game to hundreds of kids every single year.

“So they’re really helping to not only preserve a relic in our community to keep the golf course but also to really provide this opportunity for more kids to learn a game that will last them a lifetime,” Coach Larson said.

“This golf course just cannot go away,” DeWitt said. “It does too much good for the youth. It does too much good for senior citizens like myself who do golf, for our community. I think it brings us together.”

The fate of Glenmoor could be determined at a City Council meeting Tuesday night. It’s scheduled for 6:30 pm at South Jordan City Hall and the public is welcome.

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