Tooele waterline break repaired

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UPDATE: Tooele City officials announced early Monday morning that the water lines that broke over the weekend have been repaired and are working.

Officials say sediment may have been stirred up in your lines and your water may have a brown color to it.

They say the water is safe, but they we recommend people to turn their water on and run it until clear and then run water through each faucet.

Tooele City officials say crews are installing 20 feet of pipe that was delivered from Salt Lake City. While officials aren’t sure what caused the break, they say it’s the result of a crack in a 16″ pipe. Fifteen homes along 700 South between Coleman Street and 780 West were impacted.

However, residents a few blocks away also say they were affected. David Smith, who lives along 960 South says his water turned a different color around 2:30 P.M. Sunday. “I noticed the water was brown and dingy,” said Smith. “So, I let if run for awhile. I flushed the main toilet upstairs. The toilet started shaking violently, and water starts spewing out the tank. Busted the seals on the tank.”

As a result, Smith says he had to buy a new toilet that cost him about $100.

TOOELE, Utah (ABC4 News) — Some Tooele residents may be without water for the next 12 hours after a main waterline broke.

According to Tooele City’s Facebook page, a crew is on-scene and is working to fix the break.

Residents impacted by the break are those along 700 south and from Coleman to 780 west.

The city says bottled water is available at the dig site, 633 west.

Update: The Line has been repaired

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