SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Salt Lake City is beloved by newcomers and long-time residents for its cozy downtown scene and nightlife. Edison House is aiming to complement Salt Lake’s city life as a new social club. 

ABC4 went on an exclusive tour of the Edison House construction site led by CEO and Co-founder George Cardon-Bystry. Edison Club is an up-and-coming exclusive social club offering a variety of services for its membership in downtown Salt Lake City. 

Edison House was founded by Cardon-Bystry and his brother Charlie Cardon, CFO. Both brothers are “8th generation Utahns who grew up in Salt Lake City, but left for a decade to explore and experience some of the country’s most dynamic cities.” Cardon-Bystry says his experiences outside of SLC helped him see the need for a modern social club in the city. 

Cardon-Bystry says the idea for the club was partially inspired by the “modern model” of new social clubs such as Soho House and The Battery in San Francisco. Rather than functioning as “your grandfather’s country club,” Edison House says it’s designed to foster a diverse community that is “eager to explore the world” and is “constantly curious.”  

When asked about the target demographics for Edison Club’s membership, Cardon-Bystry says that their focus is to “curate” a diverse and inclusive community. He mentioned that regarding age demographics, Edison Club is looking for a general “bell curve of ages” centered on 35-40 years old but is open to anyone interested in being a part of the community. 

Cardon-Bystry says Edison Club already has 500 members signed up for its opening, with several thousand on a waitlist after that. He says the number of active members permitted in the club at the same time will depend on the building’s actual capacity as opposed to deliberate exclusivity.  

The club does have a membership screening process that Cardon-Bystry and his associates are involved with directly. He says their goal is to create a welcoming and positive community that he and others have a role in through membership services. Rather than actively screening people to exclude from the club, Cardon-Bystry hopes Edison House’s brand and environment will attract a group of like-minded individuals organically. He says the screening process is to help both the club and its potential clientele decide if they are a good fit in the first place. 

The structure is bigger than it looks from Edison House’s promotional images. Currently, it’s a busy worksite with cranes and other construction equipment. Construction did not stop during our tour, for which we wore hard hats and reflective vests. 

According to Cardon-Bystry, supply shortages have caused delays in Edison House’s construction. He mentioned a “non-committal” end of summer 2022 goal for the completion of construction. While the building is currently only metallic frames, poured concrete, and open-air, it’s easy to see how Cardon-Bystry and his associates’ vision will be completed in the space. The rooftop floor has a view of the mountains. 

The club will include a restaurant, gym, bar, pool, and other amenities that are available to members only. Cardon-Bystry said his favorite room is the “piano lounge,” which will resemble a Hollywood-esque room for conversation and drinks. The club will also have a stage on which musicians, speakers, and other entertainers will perform for club members. Cardon-Bystry says they plan on having a speaker series at Edison House as well. 

Cardon-Bystry’s enthusiasm for the project was evident on the tour. He sees the club as more than just an exclusive social group, but as a service to the Salt Lake City community in general. Cardon-Bystry says that even before the social isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic, he saw their club’s role as helping to fulfill “the human need for social interaction and connection.” 

While still in the works, Cardon-Bystry says Edison Club will have programs for community engagement. These include supporting the First Ascent Scholarship Program which helps fund aspiring entrepreneurs’ education. Edison Club will also likely have a sponsorship program for individuals who will benefit from membership, but may not be able to afford it.