SLCPD evidence room employee fired after testing positive for drugs while on-duty

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) –  Salt Lake City Police Department employee was fired after she tested positive for drugs while on-duty. 
Salt Lake City Chief of Police Mike Brown and Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill announced details about an internal investigation Friday afternoon “in the interest of transparency.” 
Chief Brown says three weeks ago, a supervisor witnessed the employee “exhibiting unusual behavior.” The employee was placed on administrative leave and a drug test was requested. The test came back positive. 
Since then, Chief Brown says they have taken “aggressive measures” to address the situation. The department contacted the DA’s office and Unified Police Department was called to perform a criminal investigation.  
Chief Brown says right now there is “no indication that any evidence was compromised.”  The department worked with the DA’s office to develop an audit process “to determine that none of the evidence has been compromised or will affect any case.” 
The department formed an internal audit and compliance unit. The unit is made up of a sergeant and four officers. The officers will “methodically go through 200,00 pieces of evidence, 40,000 of which are drug-related.” 
Chief Brown wanted to ensure the public they are “sparing no expense or resource to make sure this is done correctly.” 
The person was fired from the Salt Lake City Police Department. 
Hear Salt Lake County DA Sim Gill discuss the methods of inspection for the evidence. 

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