SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – A record-breaking surge of COVID cases is putting pressure on communities across the state, including schools. But for students with medical or mental health conditions, or certain disabilities, wearing a face mask can be difficult. School districts now have an exemption form that doesn’t require a doctor’s signature.

The form ABC4 obtained from the Jordan School District asks for the signature of a parent, and the reason a student should be exempt from having to wear a mask.

The exemption is not just for Jordan School District. All school districts in Salt Lake County have the same exemption. Doug Perry, the Public Information Officer for the Murray School District says the county is concerned requiring a doctor’s note for an exemption could place undue burden on an already overwhelmed healthcare system.

“The practicality of having that many students go and get exemptions signed off on by a doctor is just very difficult to do,” says Perry.

But for students that are wearing masks, the school has extra N95 masks for those who ask. “It’s important that we do the small things, the big things, to keep kids at school, whatever that takes, we’re committed to that,” says Perry.