SALT LAKE COUNTY (ABC4) – It’s heating up this summer, with the heat reaching up to 100 degrees Friday, and many Utahns are looking for a place to cool off. 

Thankfully two more pools in Salt Lake County are opening Friday after delayed reopenings amidst the national lifeguard shortage. 

Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation said they realized in order to get the number of people needed to run all the public pools in the area, they needed to make a one really big change — pay.  

The wage increase paid off in a big way.

“We’ve had low wages for lifeguards for a while it’s a pretty intense job, you’ve got people’s lives in your hands,” Josh Reusser Communications Manager Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation. 

Starting pay for a lifeguard used to be $9 an hour. 

It’s now $15.55. 

“The wages didn’t quite match the job description but since we’ve raised the wages so we’ve seen a lot of increase of applications recently,” Reusser said. 

But even still, a lot goes into becoming a lifeguard. 

“Making sure you can get to the bottom I’ll make sure you can swim multiple lengths of the pool make sure you can tread water Acacian class where you had to learn all of these skills water rescues, first aid, CPR,” Noah Sundwall, pool manager said. 

That takes weeks to complete.  

But with higher wages, more applicants are completing lifeguard training and getting hired on. 

“We’ve had a big increase, especially this past month,”  Sundwall said.

The county is also moving more lifeguards to outdoor pools. 

“We’re really focusing on making sure the outdoor pools are open and ready because that’s where they want to go,” Reusser said. 

But that means fewer lifeguards at indoor pools, restricting classes and hours. 

With one more pool left to open, they’re hiring throughout the summer to get locations fully staffed. 

Friday the pools in Riverton and Magna are open for public swimming if you need to get out of the heat.