SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – City officials have identified a possible location for the Tiny Home Village that was presented by Mayor Erin Mendenhall as a solution in the efforts to mitigate Salt Lake City‘s homelessness issues.

A press release from the Mayor’s office lists a site at 1850 W Indiana Avenue, near Redwood Road on the city’s west side, as a possible location for the project, which was introduced publicly in April.

The parcel of land is currently owned by the Salt Lake City Corporation and will have to be rezoned from public land to a formed-based district to accommodate the development of The Other Side Village.

“It’s exciting to see The Other Side Village moving along in this process, which we hope will have an important, long-lasting impact on the chronically unsheltered segment of the homeless population, in particular, people for whom resource centers have not been a solution,” Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall stated in the release. “Of course, there will now be a robust and transparent public process to provide Salt Lakers the opportunity to hear about and give feedback on this proposal and we welcome that.” 

At a press conference on April 29, Mendenhall announced a partnership between the city and The Other Side Academy to create a solution for SLC’s ongoing chronic homelessness crisis. The tiny home village, with a strong set of social services in place, is expected to be a landmark for providing assistance and housing to the city’s large homeless population.

With a goal of completing the project by winter 2021, renderings for the village were presented with an array of amenities for potential residents, including a community garden, dog park, chapel, and health services. Officials are hoping the center, which is designed with two concentric circles of tiny homes, will house up to 400+ residents.