UPDATE Sunday 3/29: Mayor Mendenhall says she will repeal her fifth proclamation.

On Sunday, Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson issued a county-wide order called “Salt Lake County: Stay Safe, Stay Home”, Mendenhall said with that order in place she can repeal her proclamation and sign a new proclamation adding city-specific issues.

“It is heartening to work with leaders like[ Mayor Jenny Wilson]who understand that in this challenge we are stronger and more effective when we stand together & have consistent interpretation and enforcement countywide,” the mayor tweeted Sunday.

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall issued her fifth emergency proclamation to implement the state’s “Stay at Home” directive “giving it the force of local law.”

Mendenhall said she is collaborating with state and county leaders on necessary next steps to combat the continued spread of COVID-19 in Utah.

Gov. Gary Hebert’s stay-home directive calls on people to avoid non-urgent visits and public places as much as possible.

Mendenhall noted that while there are some additional restrictions with the state’s stay at home order and the city’s proclamation, if people are already practicing appropriate precautions, including social distancing, there will not be a big impact to their day to day lives. 

While Mendenhall’s proclamation gives the stay-home order the “force of local law,” Salt Lake City Police department assured residents they “would not be arrested for going to work on Monday.”

In a statement, the department said it would be relying on businesses to take responsibility for their own employees and the general public.

On Saturday the department tweeted out a clarification after some people thought the mayor was asking them not to go outside.

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The proclamation also implements additional measures at the Salt Lake International Airport. Effective immediately, no person will be allowed inside the airport without an airline ticket or airport badge and all drop-off and pickups must be done curbside or in the parking garage, with all individuals other than travelers remaining in the vehicle.