SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The Salt Lake City government has created a Homeless Services Dashboard that provides information about nightly shelter capacity, a map of shelter locations and cleanup service requests, and FAQs, according to a Twitter post.

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The dashboard instructs those who need shelter or know someone who needs shelter to call 801-990-9999 to connect with an intake specialist.

It provides a table that shows the percentage of beds that were occupied from the night before. The table does not provide real-time information due to the fact that the number changes every night, according to

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The data is from the Utah Homeless Management Information System database and the dashboard updates along with that information.

The table accounts for night-by-night beds, which are given to the first people who come to claim them every night and case managed beds, which are reserved for those working with a case manager, the site states.

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A map showing resources and cleanup service requests is also available on the dashboard.

According to the dashboard, shuttle transportation between shelters is available, as well as belonging storage for the homeless.

It also includes answers to a list of FAQs, such as “Why do people camp?” and “If there are beds in the shelter, should I expect not to see camps in the City?”