UTAH (ABC4) – The sun rose to reveal a smoky skies Friday morning over Salt Lake City and much of Utah.

And the smoke and smog is so intense in some areas, that people have been calling 911 to either report or inquire about nearby fires.

Geana Randall, information coordinator with the Salt Lake Valley Communications Center, VECC, says the agency has receive “tons” of calls Friday.

“… agencies are having confirm whether there’s black smoke or flames,” she tells ABC4.com.

But, as far as she knows, there is no active fires nearby. Rather, the smoke that parts of Utah is seeing today has drifted over from wildfires in California.

“Right now it’s just the poor folks in California and Oregon that are (experiencing) burning and, we’ve got their smoke, so I can’t imagine how it is for them there,” Randall says.

But if people believe the smoke they are seeing is from a fire nearby, they should still call 911, she says.

If there’s “just this brown smoke, there’s nothing local burning. But if you see active flames or black smoke, specifically at a location, then they should call,” she clarifies.