Skier angered over a full parking lot starts fight with officer, police say

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BRIGHTON SKI RESORT (ABC4 News) Police say a man who was headed to Brighton Ski Resort ended up fighting with a police officer and is now facing several charges including assaulting an officer, attempting to disarm an officer, refusing to obey commands and disorderly conduct.

According to a police report Nathan Sheffield Harrison, 21, was arrested after a serious scuffle with an officer.

The report says Harrison was on his way to Brighton Ski Resort, however, the parking lot was completely full. So, parking attendants had closed the parking lot and were turning the vehicles around.

Police say Harrison started honking his horn and yelling he had a season pass to ski and needed into the lot.

A Unified Police officer says he approached Harrison who was now obstructing traffic. The officer asked Harrison to roll down his window several times, but he refused to comply.

The officer finally opened Harrison’s car door and quoting from the police report, “the AP immediately grabbed my coat and began pulling me into his vehicle. I yelled for him to exit the vehicle at which time he began pulling and swinging his arms around hitting me multiple times. I disconnected his seatbelt and pulled him out of the vehicle. The AP began swinging closed fists at me and screaming… I attempted to get the AP to the ground but was unsuccessful. The AP continued swinging at me. I delivered multiple distraction blows to the AP’s jaw and face. This did not have the desired effect as the AP continued to strike me. I was able to take the AP to the ground at this time. I was attempting to use ground control techniques and pin him to the ground. I then felt the AP reaching and grabbing the holster to my gun. I believed he was attempting to disarm me. Multiple witnesses confirmed his attempt and have filled out statements.”

Moments later the officer says Harrison pushed him into a snowbank so his head was in the snow and he couldn’t breathe. The officer says he covered his firearm with one hand and was able to kick Harrison to get free. The report says the officer called for backup and drew his gun ordering Harrison to lie on the ground, but Harrison refused to do so. The officer then reengaged Harrison controlling his head and one arm until a second officer arrived and cuffed Harrison. But Harrison apparently wasn’t done.

The report says “once in handcuffs the AP continued to struggle, he tried to pull and break the handcuffs.”

That didn’t work and Harrison was transported to Salt Lake County Jail with the assistance of a patrol unit with a prisoner cage.

Harrison’s bail was set at $27,000. 

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