SOLITUDE, Utah (ABC4) — For months, Solitude Mountain Resort has been working with developers to create “Solitude Carpool.” The app pairs people who are driving to Solitude with people who are looking for rides.

Communications and public relations manager for Solitude, Travis Holland, said they are still making a few tweaks to the app, but they’re encouraging people to download the free app now. 

Holland said the app saves users money, not just in gas, but in parking. Solitude parking fees are on a sliding scale. The more people in a vehicle, the less money it costs. If the vehicle has four or more people, the parking fee will be waived, even on the weekends. 

Solitude hopes everyone signs up because the more people who are registered, the more options everyone will have to visit on their time. 

“You can ride up with one group, say goodbye to them or ski around on your own, and then fire up the app again at the end of the day and get a ride,” Holland said. 

While Solitude hopes app users will visit their resort, Holland said the app works for other resorts in the area as well. 

“If it reduces traffic in any way, shape, or form, we’re happy to help,” said Holland. 

iPhone users can download the app by clicking HERE.

Android users can download the app by clicking HERE.