SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – In the wake of the deadly crowd surge at Houston’s Astroworld music festival, one singer put the brakes on her Salt Lake City show after a fan reportedly passed out in the crowd.

On November 5, a crowd surge led to many being crushed and trampled during a performance by the festival’s headliner, rapper Travis Scott. As the Associated Press reports, 10 people have died because of the crowd surge, with the youngest being a 9-year-old Dallas boy who passed away on Sunday.

The incident was undoubtedly fresh in the mind of SZA, an R&B singer who performed at Salt Lake City’s Union Event Center on Thursday. Before the show, she posted a video to Twitter with the caption, “Found the prayer from Dallas. See u tonight salt lake.”

Just a few hours later, SZA stopped her concert to a half to check on a fan who passed out. TMZ reports SZA noticed someone had apparently fainted in the audience.

In a video posted to TikTok, SZA can be seen talking about concert safety, saying, “Some might think, ‘hey, um, people pass out all the time…’ but people don’t die at concerts all the time. Some of us should never forget that.” The crowd can then be heard cheering in support. The singer then thanks the crowd for their patience.

In a second video from the same TikTok user, SZA explains the fan is passed out and says “it’s important we make sure they’re OK.” She is then heard asking where a medic is and looking around. In a statement to ABC4, the Union Event Center says, “The person was attended to by medics who are on site during all of our shows.”

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated with a statement from the Union Event Center that was not available at the time of publishing.