Simple technology helping students thrive in the classroom

Local News

PARK CITY (News4Utah) Students with visual or auditory impairments have had a hard time finding accommodation in general education classrooms, but now teachers say technology is finally catching up with need. 

The Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind have integrated technology like iPads and laptops for their students, and with a little coordination from from teachers, have been able to more seamlessly help students learn. Suzy Blackham is a teacher for the visually impaired, she says students will often refuse to use large and bulky technology even if it helps them, because it further sets them apart from their peers. She says, “It’s wonderful when everyday technology can help my students with visual impairment; they don’t need something special, they can use what their friends are using.”

Apps like Notability allow students to enlarge and take notes on material in real time, as opposed to waiting for teachers or aids to make enlargements; and interactive white-boards allow students to see the board on their personal devices.

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