Should Provo sell off part of a popular golf course?

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PROVO, Utah (ABC4 News)  — Provo City officials are working with a private developer to possibly sell off three holes from East Bay Golf Course.

On Wednesday night, people gathered for a rally to oppose the plan.

“Once it has started, it will just continue — to where the course, the course will be gone,” said Kay Van Buren, a city council member.

“It’s green space that will never be replaced,” added Van Buren, who organized the Wednesday night rally.

The plan he opposes would sell off hole 10, 11 and 12 of East Bay golf course so a medical school can be built no the Northwestern section of the course.

‘We probably wouldn’t just pull it back for a McDonald’s or a gas station. So, for a shopping center that would compliment the mall, or for a medical center, those are some of the things that we would consider that for,” said Dixon Holmes, Provo’s Deputy Mayor.

“They’re taking out three holes that are — okay. They’re not bad. But they’re replacing them with three holes that are probably going to be — or what we anticipate to be — better, one of which would be an island hole,” said Holmes.

Still, supporters don’t want changes made to the course.

“It’s a matter of green space,” said golfer Annette Moore.

“We’re losing history, and the legacy of Provo,” she added.

The Provo City Council will hear public comment on the issue at a meeting in November.

It’s up to the city council to decide whether the sale will happen.

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