SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The husband of a woman killed by an alleged drunk driver over the weekend is speaking out Wednesday.

North Salt Lake Police say Thy Vu Mims died while in her car at the intersection of 500 North 1200 West. 

The suspect, 39-year-old Christian Cody Facer booked in jail on several counts, including automobile homicide.

 Her husband Tripp Mims tells us, “We are very upset, we feel like this should not have happened, and the amount of loss, and the amount of shock in that specific neighborhood is immense.”

Tripp is still comprehending losing the love of his life, work partner, and mother of his children, to a suspected drunk driver. 

“It was amazing to see how she was just able to build, and people lashed on. It was immediate,” he says. 

Tripp says he lost his job during the pandemic, and Thy pushed him to open Mims Bakery. 

He explains, “Thy helped me, and a lot of other people realize that you know that model of business is broken and doesn’t serve the employees well.”

He’d find out he wasn’t the only one she was pushing towards success.

“It’s just overwhelming to look at. The presence online is massive,” Tripp says. “I knew that Thy was a mentor to a few people. I did not realize that she was daily giving advice, mentoring, and bringing up young women to start their own business and mentor each other, and it is something I have never seen and I think it’s incredibly unique and specific to the micro-community that we were involved in.”

As the investigation into the crash continues, the Mims family wants local leaders to look into pursuit protocols in city limits.

“It is a residential street, children, families, and I just can’t imagine any city this size in the United States how that has happened, and so it is a loss and it is a shock,” Tripp adds. 

The family says they will be holding a private funeral for Thy, and then Mims bakery will re-open with a donation drive in Thy’s honor.