Seventh annual Utah Renaissance Faire

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LEHI, Utah (News4Utah) – Utah Valley Fine Arts Council and Utah Valley University School of the Arts announce the 7th annual Utah Renaissance Faire.

The Knights of Mayhem with eleven time world Champion, Charlie Andrews are headlining the list of attractions at this year’s Faire. They will be presenting full contact jousting contests for the delight of the audience.

The reunion of the popular Utah group, Kirkmount. Brothers Alex and Sam Bigney will be performing during both day and evening concerts. Alex will be returning from Rockland Maine where he currently resides and will be playing with brother Sam who resides in Utah. This is the first appearance for Kirkmount in the past five years.

The Harp Twins are making their second Utah appearance from their home base in Chicago. Their latest YouTube video had more than five million hits.  

The Faire includes a wide variety of performers, artisans, and entertainers. Vocal and instrumental groups will perform Renaissance music. 

Royal court will include a King and Queen, nobles, jesters, jugglers, and many other entertainers such as archers, horse vaulters, combat actors, puppeteers, pirates, witches, fairies, and other mythical characters.

Many artisans will present their crafts and skills, such as pottery, calligraphy, candle making, blacksmithing, stained glass, leatherwork, woodcarving, falconry, weaving, millinery, face painting, and more.

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