SALT LAKE CITY(ABC4 News) – As part of a tradition in the U.S. Senate, all eyes were on a senator from Utah as he took the floor to deliver his maiden speech.

Senator Mitt Romney discussed his first few months in office, touted our state and sent out a warning about what he sees as a major threat.

He started his first speech on the floor of the Senate saying the Washington environment isn’t the hostile one he expected.

“The truth is that senators on both sides of the aisle are remarkably friendly and collegial, once the cameras are off,” said Romney, (R) Utah.

The senator says it’s an honor to represent Utah and says our state is a leader on a national scale.

“Our state has the fastest job growth in the nation, balances its budget every year, and it has the country’s most highly educated workforce,” he said.

He also noted how Americans have come together to triumph, pointing to the Transcontinental Railroad as an example.

“The decisions each generation of Americans make, affect the course of history and profoundly impact our prosperity and our freedom. We face such decisions today,” Romney said.

Romney says that decision today is how we respond to China.

As a presidential candidate, Romney warned Russia was our biggest adversary.

Today, he says China is set to assume that role.

“Imprisoning millions in re-education camps, brutally repressing dissent, censoring the media and internet, seizing land and sea that don’t belong to it and flouting the global rules of free and fair competition,” he said.

Romney warns China’s economy and military could eclipse ours if the U.S. does not act.

He’s calling for stronger ties with our allies in Europe and Asia to help confront the threat.

Watch Romney’s full remarks below>>>


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